Makan Place Bali Opening: Legian’s new dining benchmark

12th September 2018, Legian, Bali – Makan Place, a new Legian restaurant, opens 1 September 2018, setting a new standard for the neighborhood.

Beautifully enclosed in black bamboo, Makan Place stands proudly, a giant nest full of diners hiding from the busy Legian stretch. Its name is taken from the word Makan, or eat, in the Indonesian language. And where better to be fed than this cozy 100-seater bamboo nest.

As a daily activity, food is THE most important cultural experience for Indonesians – most of the time by sharing. People often say “Makan Yuk!” (Let’s eat), or “Sudah Makan Belum?” (Have you eaten yet) in casual conversation, or as a part of our social and cultural gestures. Indonesians often use these catch phrases as a form of greeting, ensuring friends and family are well, or simply that their stomachs are full, and their minds content.

Showcasing Western and Asian cuisine, Makan Place introduces the concept of sharing of its generous dish portions. With its 800-gram Balinese Crackling Pork Knuckle and Grilled Catch of The Day as signature dishes, the restaurant also has assorted salad bowls to satisfy the herbivores among you.

The man behind Makan Place, whipping up a storm in the kitchen, is the young and aspiring Javanese-born Theodorus Immanuel, whose experience was sharpened with time in China, Dubai, London, and topped off with his participation in the production of the “MasterChef Indonesia” television series.

“The philosophy behind Makan Place is to ensure your wellbeing is tended to by gourmet food, beverage selections and a dining experience, as one fond shared memory,” says Chef Theo.

Meanwhile, Makan Place liquid chefs (AKA bartenders) use charcoal as the main ingredient in their sexy mocktails: Black Magic (a mix of activated charcoal, coconut water, lemon juice, and honey); Shimmering Charcoal (Strawberry puree, activated charcoal, lemon juice, ginger ale); and its killer signature coffee beverage, Charcoal Affogato.

“We want to make guests feel less guilty when ordering sugar high beverages, because charcoal detoxifies,” explains Bartender Putra, of his love for charcoal mocktails.

Emma Maxwell, a Singapore-based interior designer, finessed the joint.

Named as one of Travel + Leisure’s Top 4 Restaurant Designers, she used the natural elements of black bamboo, known to be the strongest of its species, fusing it with green, blue, and turquoise toned chic furniture. With tropical foliage in many touch points, and a wonderful through breeze, Makan Place feels like a mini tropical forest where people come to be fed.

Makan Place’s friendly team, creative liquid chefs, and fine Western and Asian comfort cuisine, are the three key ingredients that create a new epicurean journey for guests in the Legian area.